MAX Advanced Reporting

The MAX Advanced Reporting module contains complex reports for Exact MAX:

Commonality Report
This report can compare parts and shows which components are common and which components are specific.
The result is shown in a matrix:
– horizontal are the parts which are compared shown (limited to 10 parts)
– vertical are the components shown which are present in the parts
The parts can be compared on a single or multi level explosion. On single level there is an option to explode through pseudo and phantoms. On Multi level explosion there is an option to show only the parts on lowest level of the product structure or to show all intermediate  parts on each level of the product structure.

Cost Rollup Report
This report shows the cost price for the product structure of a part. It shows the cost price information of the first level of a part in the product structure. There is an option to explode through pseudo and phantoms of components on the first level

Economic Inventory by Vendor Report
This report shows the economic inventory week by week from today by customer. It is intended to reduce the planning process

Routing Cost Report
This report shows for a part the multi-level product structure. For parts with routing information the cost of the operations in the standard routing and for all parts the material cost, including the labor and material burden. The labor cost are shown per routing step and totalized per work center group within each part routing. At the end of the report a summary is displayed with the sum of all hours per work center group.

Special Tools Menu
The Tools menu of the MAX Advanced Report module has a special functionality for showing reports. It gives MAX customer the possibility to organize additional reports. User Security in System Manager can be assigned to each individual report. In addition the @MaxDB formula is initialized in attached reports in the tool menu so that MAX users can make use of all additional MAX functions available in Crystal Reports (UFL’s).