MAX Data Collection

The Velthoven Consulting MAX Data Collection solution is based on the following principles:

  • Real time validation and processing, using WIFI data collection devices.
  • Compatibility with Exact MAX by using standard MAX software components to process transactions on the database.
  • Standard central module for validating data and processing transactions, compatible with current and new MAX releases.
  • Customisable terminal dialogues for maximum flexibility and adaptation to custom processes, independent of MAX release changes.
  • Graphical user interface includes: Menus, buttons, list, check boxes, queries, pictures …
  • Terminal dialogs can be made available in any language
  • Cross Platform Support for devices with different operating systems like WM 6.0, WM 6.5, Andriod and easily convert the same project from one device to another
  • Broad range of supported terminals (Motorola, Intermec, ..) through local hardware supplier.
  • Exact Synergy integration: create workflows, upload documents
  • Label printing through in Cystal Reports format
  • Email integration
  • Capturing signatures
  • Voice control (listening and speaking)
  • Licensing scalable by number of terminals and number of transactions (5,10,18)

For more information see the MAX Data Collection product description.