In standard MAX the Part data is accessible in different places, Part Master Tabs in Bill of Materials, Purchase Part Data in Purchasing Control, ….

With the MAX Part Manager a user can setup (drag and drop) a screen with all relevant Part data for his operations, only the fields he requires for his business in one screen: Purchasing, Engineering,…

In the Part Manager screen the following fields can be included:

  • All Activity Index fields
  • All Part Master fields (including the XDF fields)
  • All Part Master User Designed Fields (Part_Master_Ext)
  • All Part Sales fields (including the XDF fields)
  • All Part Sales User Designed Fields (Part_Sales_Ext)
  • Part Notes Button (Dialog)
  • Part Stock Grid (Lot Numbers, Lot Tracking Notes)
  • Part Vendor Grid (add/modify Part Vendor Data, modify Vendor Data)
  • Part Stock Grid (show Stock, Lot Numbers, Lot Notes)
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number Grid (add/modify Manufacturer’s Part Numbers)
  • Component Grid (add/modify Component Parts, BOM Notes)
  • Part Routing Grid (add/modify operation sequences)
  • Alternate Process Grid (add/modify Alternate Codes)
  • MRP Detail Grid

For more information see the MAX Part Manager product description.