MAX Part Manager

In standard MAX the Part data is accessible in different places, Part Master Tabs in Bill of Materials, Purchase Part Data in Purchasing Control, ….

With the MAX Part Manager a user can setup (drag and drop) a screen with all relevant Part data for his operations, only the fields he requires for his business in one screen: Purchasing, Engineering,…

In the Part Manager screen the following fields can be included:

  • All Activity Index fields
  • All Part Master fields (including the XDF fields)
  • All Part Master User Designed Fields (Part_Master_Ext)
  • All Part Sales fields (including the XDF fields)
  • All Part Sales User Designed Fields (Part_Sales_Ext)
  • Part Notes Button (Dialog)
  • Part Stock Grid (Lot Numbers, Lot Tracking Notes)
  • Part Vendor Grid (add/modify Part Vendor Data, modify Vendor Data)
  • Part Stock Grid (show Stock, Lot Numbers, Lot Notes)
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number Grid (add/modify Manufacturer’s Part Numbers)
  • Component Grid (add/modify Component Parts, BOM Notes)
  • Part Routing Grid (add/modify operation sequences)
  • Alternate Process Grid (add/modify Alternate Codes)
  • MRP Detail Grid

For more information see the MAX Part Manager product description.