MAX Report Viewer

The Velthoven Consulting MAX Report Viewer can be used by command-line to show Crystal Reports. If you specify a Crystal Report as command-line the report will open automatically, you do not have to specify a MAX Company, the active MAX Company will be used in the Crystal Report.

In the Tools Menu Setup you can add Crystal Reports to the Tools menu option of any MAX module, for a end user it will look as if the custom Crystal Report is part of a standard MAX Module.

The Velthoven Consulting MAX Crystal Report Viewer has the following functionality:

  • No additional selection window, report is shown directly
  • Active MAX Company is used automatically
  • Crystal report formulas can be specified on the command-line
  • Report can be printed directly to a specific printer
  • Report can save as file (PDF or XML)
  • Report can be sent by email as an attachment
  • Number of copies to be printed can be specified
  • Front end to specify the number of copies and to print the copies as single of multiple jobs. Range or Individual selection for Part Numbers, Shop Orders, BOL Tracking Number.
  • Front end for selecting Purchase Order receipts
  • On printingĀ a copy of the report can be uploaded to Exact Synergy

For more information see the MAX Report Viewer product description.