MAX Time Ticket

User frendly and customisble Time Ticket entry for MAX

  • Show/Hide Account Type field
  • Show/Hide Ticket Field
  • Show/Hide Quantity Fields (Completed, Scrapped)
  • Browse on Order through Part ID or Description
  • Configurable hours and minutes for a standard working day
  • Select GL Account by GL Reference or UDF Reference
  • Restrict the list of GL Accounts to select from
  • Reorder time tickets in sequence for a user in a day
  • Auto fill times (Elapsed, Start, End)
  • Include UDF Key and UDF Reference
  • Additional Over Time checkbox (XDFBOL_53)

Quick Time Ticket entry for MAX

  • Up to 6 shifts can now be setup with start/end and break time
  • Enter Time Tickets for all employees per day in a Grid (spreadsheet) design
  • Enter one line per employee with direct, indirect and over time
  • Multiple time tickets are created taking into account the shift and break times

Enhanced Post Time Ticket Completions, restrict Time Tickets to post by

  • Supervisor Id
  • Employee Id
  • Dates

For more information see the MAX Time Ticket product description.