MAX Advanced Forecasting

In standard MAX Forecasting functionality is depending on the Order Policy. If the business process requires using Order Policy ‘Lot for Lot’ or ‘Order’ the forecasting functionality of MAX will not work properly anymore and can result in additional demand by the MRP Explosion.
The MAX Advanced Forecasting allows setting up a weekly or monthly Forecast Bucket Period on System Level or Part Level independent of the Order Policy. The Sales Orders in the Forecast Bucket Period will be netted to the Forecast Orders in the Forecast Bucket Period so that the correct demand is created by the MRP Explosion.

In MAX Advanced Forecasting a Parent and Component Forecast relationship can be setup. Forecast Orders are only created for the Parent Parts. Sales Order can be created for Parent and Component parts. The Sales Order to Forecast Order Netting process will net Sales Orders of Parent and Component parts to Forecast Orders of Parent parts. This way you can forecast on high runner parent parts and create Sales orders for component variants (low runner) which will also be taking into account for forecasting

The Forecast Summary shows the total of the Forecast or Sales Orders per Part ID (and Customer) for a bucket period. The Forecast count can be modified directly in the grid or a new Forecast can be added.

A flexible XML/Excel load/extract of Forecast Orders and XML load/extract of Forecast Structures is available.

For more information see the MAX Advanced Forecasting product description.